Blank Page

I don't remember where I first heard the advice, but I remember learning to leave the first page or two of a sketchbook blank.

Starting something new is scary, there's all this pressure to start it perfectly because we think that the beginning is going to determine the middle and the end.

But in reality, it doesn't.

That's why for years I've made a point to purposely begin things badly. Improvement is doable as long as you actually have something to improve.

Everyone almost always sucks at something they start for the first time.

But the hardest part is actually starting it, once you do that, going with the flow is a piece of cake.  

I've had "start a blog" on my bucket list for ages and all it took was twenty minutes to set it up. I was so consumed with my expectations of "starting it perfectly" that I never actually started it.

So today I'm starting this website badly.

I also encourage you to finally start that thing on your bucket list.

Don't convince yourself you want to do it "right" and set yourself up for something worse than failure, wasted potential.