I’m reading DIGITAL MINIMALISM by Cal Newport, author of the excellent DEEP WORK.

From the Amazon blurb:

The urge to pick up our phones every few minutes has become a nervous twitch that shatters our time into shards too small to be present. Our addiction to tech leaves us feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. But it doesn't have to be that way.
In this timely book, professor Cal Newport shows us how to pair back digital distractions and live better with less technology.
Introducing us to digital minimalists -- the calm, happy people who can hold long conversations without furtive glances at their phones or obsessively document everything they eat -- Newport reveals how to live more intentionally in our tech-saturated world.

I already have a dumb phone which I’m going to be using a lot more as a result of reading this. Although, to be fair, the idea of cutting back on digital distraction has been in my mind for some time. Newport offers some great research on why this is a good idea and a load of inspiring practical tips on how to ditch your social feeds and what to do instead.