At the end of last week, I spent a couple of days up on the Suffolk coast, on a research/inspiration trip for the second series of our Mystery Machine podcast. (The first season, if I haven't gone on about it enough, is HERE)

I made some field recordings around Rendlesham Forest with a newly-purchased Zoom H3-VR, which is a really neat little machine that records sound on four microphones and produces ambisonic/binaural files (surround sound to you and me) and I took a bunch of photos to aid my memory while I'm writing. I also found some time to experiment with some landscape photography, which is not something I have much experience with and is definitely something I need to work on.

Rendlesham Forest
An incredibly old church
Beach at Aldeburgh
Boats at Aldeburgh
Beach at Dunwich; site of the original town which was a major port to rival London in the 14th Century and which has since fallen into the sea. The old town would have covered the entire landscape here.
Riverside at Orford