A few things it seemed useful to mention that might be of interest to listeners...

The Halt Tape

During episode 2, Heawood references a recording made by Colonel Halt, Deputy Base Commander at RAF Woodbridge in 1980 (the image at the top of this post is of the guard house at the east gate of RAF Woodbridge, from which the lights in the sky were first seen). A few people have assumed that we faked up this tape based on transcripts, or that we just made the whole thing up. Actually what you're hearing is cleaned-up audio from the real tapes. The whole thing can be heard here:

The Crowley/Lam thing

This comes up in a conversation between Kennedy Fisher and Eleanor Peck. Eleanor is talking about Crowley being visited by this character "Lam" and the fact that Crowley drew a picture of Lam that is remarkably similar to what we now think of as "grey" aliens. For those who didn't, per Kennedy's instructions, stop the podcast to Google the image, here it is:

The Times Article

When Matthew Heawood heads to the London Library, he's told to look for an article published in the Times on October 8th 1869. This is not actually a made up article, but rather something that I stumbled upon by pure fluke when I was browsing the London Library's online archive. That was an accidental discovery that sent the whole story in an unexpected direction... Here's a facsimile of the real thing:

A stack of books

I did a lot of reading and online research for The Whisperer In Darkness and I'll probably do another post soon on that. But for now, here's a selection of the books that I came back to most regularly throughout the scripting process:

The Whisperer In Darkness (and Series 1: The Case Of Charles Dexter Ward) is available on BBC Sounds or Apple Podcasts. Episodes 1-6 are available now, with the concluding installments coming next Monday.