Not only has INFODUMP changed its look, it's also moved location. And these two things are part and parcel. Yesterday, the Soul Men (creators of the mighty Ulysses) sent out an email alert telling us all that the new version of Ulysses supports Ghost. I had no idea what Ghost was but it's a cool name for something, so I did a little digging and discovered that Ghost is a like a simpler, better-looking version of Wordpress with the functionality of Medium but without the various restrictions and question marks that Medium apparently raises.

Ghost plays well with pretty much everything and has some really neat functionality. I'm not going to pretend to be the master of this domain yet, but it seems to be behaving as I want it to and it's really fun to use. Most of all, writing and posting, either from the dedicated desktop app or from Ulysses is a breeze and that just makes the whole thing much more user friendly than its competitors (I've always been a bit confused whenever I post to Medium - I'm not sure what it is or where it's all stored or who's seeing it etc. I think I'm a better reader of Medum than I am a writer for it).

Ghost is not free. You couldn't even really say it's cheap - I'm paying about $30 per month for the basic package, but it is a non-profit and I do own everything I post here. I've no idea how the SEO works, or whether it's effective, but I'm always pleased if more than 5 people read any given post so I don't really have aspirations to dominate the Google search page.

If you're looking for somewhere to put your blog that makes writing and posting photos and video super-easy, I'd recommend you give Ghost a look.